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Types Of Sap Hana Models - 10171 Words

1 Types of SAP HANA Models This chapter provides an overview of the different models that can be created in SAP HANA. For each model type, the chapter defines the model in question, outlines the criteria for choosing it, and explains its benefits. 1.1 SAP HANA Database Engine Architecture SAP HANA is an in-memory technology platform that is deployable as an appliance or in the cloud. Its core is the SAP HANA database, which is built for high performance applications. It makes full use of the main memory and processing power provided by modern hardware. As relevant data is kept in main memory, read operations can run in main memory. SAP HANA is also designed to make full use of multi-core CPUs by parallelization of execution. Research†¦show more content†¦Application-specific services provided by the XS server are either created declaratively or by writing server side application code. The XS server also hosts several system services, for example for data replication, and for analytical queries and search queries over HTTP. Several web-based tools included with SAP HANA are also running on XS, for example for development, system administration, and life cycle management. The name server owns the information about the topology of a SAP HANA system. In a distributed system, the name server knows where the components are running and which data is located on which server. The SAP HANA studio is both development environment and administration tool. Administrators can use the SAP HANA studio for example to start and stop servers, to monitor the system, to configure system settings and to manage users and authorizations. As shown in figure 4, the SAP HANA connects to the SAP HANA servers via SQL. Developers can use the SAP HANA studio to create content such as data models, modeled views or procedures. These development artifacts are stored in the SAP HANA repository. The SAP HANA studio is based on the Eclipse platform. In addition to SAP HANA studio, there are also web-based tools for administration and development. The server side parts of these tools are system applications that run in the XS server. Web-based development tools can be used to perform most development tasks in a browser. Web-based XS

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Business Analysis Lactating And Submissive Her Boss Plans

 © 2015 Lactating and Submissive: Her Boss Plans to Take Advantage of Both June, 2015  © 2015 Active Passion Publications. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission. This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events and incidents either are the product of the author s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. Table of Contents Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter One Candy couldn’t help but to bite her lip in†¦show more content†¦It didn’t take her long to get to the office, but she swayed on her heels as her swollen breasts bounced a little with each and every step. She unbuttoned one more button on her blouse when no one was looking, but she couldn’t help but to blush. It gave her a little more cleavage than she wanted, but she knew it was better than the button popping or her blouse tearing. Bracing herself, she walked into Mr. Daniels office, knocking on the door as he told her to come in. She made sure to take a deep breath, trying to keep from gnawing her bottom lip. â€Å"You needed to see me?† She said, trying to keep her voice confident. â€Å"Yes, Ms. Bailey.† He said, motioning for her to take a seat. â€Å"Please close the door and take a seat.† Mr. Briggs said, trying not to stare at her jiggling breasts as she did what he asked, and for a long moment he just stared at her. â€Å"Ms. Bailey. I’ve heard that you’re in a bit of a money crunch.† He said, and if Candy didn’t know any better she would say that his gaze was almost hungry. She couldn’t help but to bite her lip a little. â€Å"Yes, sir, but I assure you it won’t affect my attitude at work.† She said, looking confused, and it caused Scot to want to chuckle a little. â€Å"No, no. You misunderstand Candy. Can I call you Candy?† He said, shaking his head. â€Å"I’ve heard your coworkers.† He added. She nodded a little and his smile only grew. â€Å"Well, I called you in here to offer you a proposition.† Scot continued, and she looked at him confused. â€Å"A

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The Issue on Same-Sex Marriage Essay - 1651 Words

Same sex marriage is considered one of the most major global issues today. So what is same-sex marriage? Same-sex marriage is a socially recognized marriage between two people of the same biological sex or social gender. Same-sex marriage is a social, moral, political and civil rights issue in many nations. The conflict that arises over whether same-sex couples should be allowed to enter into marriage be required to use a different status, or not have any such rights. Also, the federal government of the United States does not recognize the marriages of same-sex couples and is prohibited from doing so by the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996. â€Å"The Defense of Marriage Act, which was passed on September 21, 1996, defines marriage as a legal†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"I very much feel that marriage is a sacrament and that should extend and can extend to that legal entity of a union between what has traditionally in our Western values been defined as between a man and a woma n. So I would support the amendment [banning same-sex marriage].†(Cline) Same-sex marriage would further weaken the traditional family values essential to the society. This society was raised on the idea that everything was built on a traditional family of man, woman, and children. It has been this way throughout two world wars, a great depression and many other challenges that have faced this society. The main reason cultures and values have started to corrupt is because of the weakening of families. Introducing another form of â€Å"family† would only make this worst. Same-sex marriage could provide a slippery slope in the legality of marriage. Gay right activist claim that these marriages should be allowed because nobody is harmed, however, many believe that this could start a chain reaction, destroying the idea of marriage. This means if someone wanted to marry a dog, why should not they be able to? What if someone wanted to marry their brother or sister, or have multiple wives? Unless a firm definition of marriage is proposed, the options of m arriage can be endless. The gay lifestyle is not something that should be encouraged, as a lot of research show it leads to a much lower life expectancy,Show MoreRelatedThe Issue Of Same Sex Marriage984 Words   |  4 Pages Homosexuality is hotly debated within the United States of America when it comes to the idea of same sex-marriage. Society cannot seem to agree about whether it should be made legal or not. The views on this topic have been shaped by religion, by the 1980’s AIDS period, and by so much more. Throughout the time homosexuals fought for their rights, had to go through life wondering if their friends would survive, to bring us to today’s reality where even social media gives every individual the opportunityRead MoreThe Issue Of Same Sex Marriage966 Words   |  4 Pagesstudies focusing on same-sex and heterosexual couples and the challenges they experience with bringing up children. The main focus of the articles is to draw on the conclusion on same-sex couples. When dealing with families of same sex marriages you must put into consideration how families are the same and different from traditional families. In today s society many of same-sex couples are confronted with social irregular characteristics which may cause many complex issues. The main point isRead MoreThe Issue Of Same Sex Marriage1376 Words   |  6 PagesLiberties/Civil Rights Issues November 19, 2014 I†¦My chosen topic is Gay Rights- more specifically marriage equality. Public opinion in the U.S. shows the majority support for the legal recognition of same-sex marriages. This issue is more likely to be supported by women and people under 50. My thesis is that marriage equality a civil right, rights we are born with as a citizen of the U.S. which the government cannot interfere with or suppress. (Lecture Notes 8/27). Over the past decade, marriage equality hasRead MoreThe Issue Of Same Sex Marriage Essay1677 Words   |  7 PagesEqual marriage has always been a contentious issue in society. The legalisation of same sex marriage in New Zealand in August 2013 via the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Act has been a source of pride for those in some parts of our society and a source of horror for those in other parts. This issue split the country, and those in power, right down the middle, with some people taking sides that didn’t necessarily align with what w ould be expected of their political leanings. The issueRead MoreThe Issue With Same Sex Marriage1704 Words   |  7 PagesThe Issue with Same Sex Marriage has been debated for over a decade and we have seen conflicts of concerns regarding the rights of homosexuals. Do they have the right to same sex marriage? First must look for the level of definition from the word marriage. We must first look at the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA), in which it states that marriage is defined as a union between one man and one woman. On July 18th, 2006, the Congressional voted on the proposed Amendment that befell onto the House ofRead MoreThe Issue Of Same Sex Marriage1286 Words   |  6 Pagesrelationship that is â€Å"morally right†. When speaking on gay marriage, there are typically two views. To some it is just absouletly disgusting, and then to others it’s a beautiful thing. â€Å" Opponents of Same Sex Marriage say marriage is between a man and a woman and anything else i s morally wrong( â€Å"At Issue : Same Sex Marriage†) As a human being , whose right is it to tell someone who they can and can not love. Sometimes people may disagree with gay marriage on a spiritual level, but who is to say one person’sRead MoreThe Issue With Same-Sex Marriages1568 Words   |  6 Pagesdebate about the issue of same-sex marriage. For many, it is one of the fundamental human rights to love and marry whomever one chooses. Others feel that this right should be ruled by certain moral codes and restrictions in order to maintain the basic moral fabric of Western society. Today, many critics who advocate for the legalization of same-sex marriage across the United States do so on the grounds of the fact that it will create a more equal and fair society. Same-sex marriage, or indeed simplyRead MoreThe Issue Of Same Sex Marriage1711 Words   |  7 Pagesyear. Same-sex marriage is a debatable topic that attracts many responses from those supporting and those opposing the issue. People who dispute gay marriage believe it is morally wrong, while gay rights activists believe that all marriages be treated equally. This dispute is put into several different lights including morals, family values and religion; and those of equality, constitutionality. Section 1: The first major law that affected same-sex marriage was the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)Read MoreThe Issue Of Same Sex Marriage1664 Words   |  7 Pagesconclusions which declare that every generation after the Salient Generation (1928-45) is more in favor of same-sex marriage. The primary component here is that â€Å"younger generations express higher levels of support for same-sex marriage† (Mitchell). As far as reflecting the change in attitudes, the data shows that older generations â€Å"have become more supportive of same-sex marriage in the past decade† (Mitchell). In relation to Lewis and Gossett’s research, their research aligns in their claim thatRead MoreThe Issue Of Same Sex Marriage931 Words   |  4 PagesThe issue of same-sex marriage is an extremely controversial topic within Ireland. The discussion reached its zenith on May 28th, 2015, when the predominately Roman Catholic Republic of Ireland became the first country in the world t o legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote. Additionally, the issue divided the population of Ireland into two corners: those who were pro-family versus those who were pro-marriage. Pro-family citizens opposed the marriage equality referendum and the pro-marriage side

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Internet of Things in Smart cities Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Internet of Things in Smart cities. Answer: Introduction: The technological advancement in the development of the smart city helps in achieving the economic growth of the city, increasing rate of employment, use of new application, facilitating green environment, minimizing the use of power supply, and supporting cleanliness of the society. The sustainability of the society can be improved by inducing the interconnection between different IoT devices like buses, smart phones, cars, weather station, traffic light signals, kiosks, smart meters, parking sensors, electronic displays, thrash bins, surveillance cameras, smart watches, and etc. The lighting system of the street is changed with the display of LED network. The traffic on the roads should be controlled by the real time traffic management system (Mijjac, 2012). The active participation of the local citizen helps in the mitigation of the pollution, omission of happening accidents, advancement in the productivity system, increasing economic growth, and providing luxurious life to the co mmon man. The basic requirement of planning the smart city is the use and deployment of the smart devices. The organization of the smart city is capable of developing smart citizen, smart production of energy, deployment of smart security system, development of the smart building, inclusion of the smart transportation system, applicability of the smart infrastructure, requirement plan for smart health care system, and placement of the smart technology according to the requirement. The population of the world is increasing at a very faster rate so to manage the population density the requirement of developing the smart city arises because it helps in managing the residential forum for them, providing better transportation services, minimize accident due to the traffic control, and etc. The infrastructure of the smart city is equipped with the self-configuration objects which are capable of managing communication and connection at the global level (Ahlgren, 2013). The IoT devices shou ld characterised with the features like good storage capacity, increased processing speed, improved reliability, accuracy, better performance, and improved security system (Vida, 2016). The innovations in the world of digital technologies have motivated the researches to undergo the planning of the smart city with the inclusion of IoT devices and network. The deployment of the sensor network helps in minimizing the chane of casualty and theft. Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to design an infrastructure of the smart city in relation with the IoT device. The IoT network should comprised of IoT devices for providing smart services to the common people of the society on their demand. The deployment of the sensor network helps in predicting geographical location of the object (Loia, 2014). The security system is the major advantage of transforming the city to the smart city. The increasing rate of crimes will be minimized to a much larger extent due to the inclusion of surveillance cameras on the street sites (Mylonas, 2013). The problems of the common man in relation to the health, transportation, and security can be resolved with the deployment of the undertaken project. Problem Statement: The project is undertaken for constructing the smart city by making use of technological advancement in the field of internet. The devices placed in carrying over functional program of the city should be interconnected for managing the proper communication between them at global level. This paper helps in predicting the advantages and the facility providing to the common people of the city. Conclusion The conclusion of this paper is to manage connection between different IoT devices placed in the city for coordination and to provide accuracy in the facility provided to the society. The development of the surveillance system, smart parking system, smart building and homes, and etc. helps in increasing the economic growth of the city which in turn plays an important role in nation economy. References: Ahlgren, B. (2013). Internet of things for smart cities: Standards and opportunities. Retrieved from Loia, V. (2014). IoT based smart cities: A survey. Retrieved from Mijjac, M. (2012). Smart city services driven by IoT: A systematic review. Retrieved from Mylonas, S. (2013). Development and IoT smart city framework. Retrieved from Vida, R. (2016). IoT in Smart cities. Retrieved from

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The Importance of Music In My LIfe free essay sample

Listening to other musical artists that I like ivies me inspiration. My music teacher also points me in the right direction and gives me guidance, as I need it. I love to just sit with my guitar or piano and make up random lyrics about past experiences or what Im going through at the moment. Started learning how to play the guitar four years ago, and within the past few years I have fallen completely and utterly in love with the instrument. Once I start playing I find it extremely hard to put the guitar down again. Its very addictive and can also be distracting sometimes.Playing attar and piano is one of the fittings in my life in which I dont feel pressurized to do well in. Think this is because I have a great teacher, and she doesnt push me to do great in the music concerts. We will write a custom essay sample on The Importance of Music In My LIfe or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page She just shows me what to do, and do the rest. Have always loved playing on the piano and always will love playing it. Am about an average player. For hours I would sit at the piano playing different well-known songs as making up my own little tunes. Have been playing piano for almost nine years now, and I am starting the violin next year.When I was in kindergarten with my music teacher, Mrs.. Elevate Mitchell, I had my first music class. During in the summer, I decided that would become a music teacher too. Mrs.. Mitchell was delighted to share her dream of music with me, and now music is something nice that we can both talk about and bond over. I believe music effects people in many different ways. To me, music is more than just something to listen to or play, its something to feel. Music is extremely important in my life. Think it brings me closer to my friends and family.I also feel that it helps me to get through things. For example, remember riding the four hundred mile road trip to Chance Hot Springs Resort, and the whole way along the ride we sang and listened to songs. The music was the only thing that kept me calm and patient. For the rest of my life, I want music to be part of my career. I have always loved music and always will love it. My whole life will always have music in it, because it is a big part of me. Music is immensely powerful and has a huge place in my life, right next to my heart.

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Why Powerful Men Sexually Harass Women

Why Powerful Men Sexually Harass Women We know from recent studies that half the workforce in the US is female. And were also well aware that though the numbers may be equal, the power distribution isnt. Only 15 women served as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies in 2009. Even at the upper and middle levels of management and leadership, men predominate. And with power comes abuse. When a woman files a sexual harassment complaint, its rarely about a co-worker harassing her. Its usually a boss, supervisor, or someone higher up the food chain. Anecdotal evidence suggests that for some men, power provides opportunities and access. Many perpetrators dangle potential jobs, pay raises, or promotions in front of women with the implication that if youre nice to me, Ill be nice to you. But is sexual harassment about sex and lust, or control and domination? Is power the catalyst that flips the off switch into an on position for some men who would otherwise not behave this way if they werent in charge? Those who study human behavior tend to agree that powerful men sexually harass women more than men on equal footing with their female co-workers, but what triggers that is up for debate. Most, however, agree that sexual harassment is not about desire but domination. Noted legal scholar Catharine A. MacKinnon specializes in sex equality issues under constitutional and international law. In her book Directions in Sexual Harassment Law co-written with Reva B. Siegel, MacKinnon states: ...[S]exual harassment is...the expression, in sexual terms, of power, privilege, or dominance....To understand sexual harassment primarily in terms of misplaced sexual desire is wrong for many of the same reasons that it is a mistake to understand rape as primarily a crime of passion or lust. acceptance of interpersonal violencethe desire to dominate womenhigh authoritarianismdifficulty seeing others’ perspectives (difficulty being empathetic)belief in sex-role stereotypesendorsement of stereotypic views of male sex-role norms While the tendency is to link the above traits to male behavior, it might be more accurate to blame hormones specifically an overabundance of testosterone. Widely recognized as a major factor in dominant behavior, testosterone also impacts men in other ways (and can similarly influence women with elevated levels in their own bodies). Writing about The Testosterone Curse for Psychology Today, Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D. notes the many traits associated with high-T (high testosterone) males: ...[D]ominant individuals also tend to be extremely competitive, and are frequently endowed with whats commonly known as the killer instinct. ....[I]n cutthroat businesses, its undeniably an asset....[but] a driving need to compete with others undermines the empathy, understanding, tolerance, and compassion necessary to sustain close, caring relationships.At its worst, high-T dominance and competitiveness can involve brute force, violence, and fighting behavior of all kinds....Their more tender feelings literally blunted by elevated testosterone levels, they tend not to be particularly concerned aboutor, for that matter, interested inthe feelings of others....Sadly, theres seems to be something about high testosterone levels that contributes to an almost predatory frame of mind....Complementing this tendency to be imprudent, rash, or even reckless, are a variety of research findings indicating that high-testosterone males are more likely to be impulsive, impatient, unreliable.... According to anthropologist and historian Laura Betzig, the point of politics is sex. She cites rulers throughout history who routinely engaged in sexual harassment and sexual assault, adding: Why is every man with a big harem a despot? Because collecting women–like tribute, like labor, like homage–tends to require force. People...tend to cede favors on two accounts. One is, they get a favor back; the other is, they get beat up if they dont. There are, in short, positive and negative sanctions. because they can Powerful men have a both an overactive libido as compared to normal men, but they are also more willing to gamble that they can get away with their sexual activities....[I]n my opinion, it is the position of power itself that makes men arrogant, narcissistic, egocentric, oversexed, paranoid, despotic, and craving even more power, though there are exceptions to this rule. Powerful men generally have a keen eye for female beauty and attractiveness....Every willing woman confirms the power of the powerful man....It is not too speculative to think that powerful men live in a sexualized or eroticized world. Not only do they expect to have sex whenever they fancy, but they also expect that every woman is always willing to provide this service, and enjoy it. They are...opportunistic and just take what they want. It probably comes as a complete surprise when somebody does not comply. The forbiddenness, and the awareness of transgression, makes the sex even more attractive... Sources:Betzig, Laura. Sex in History. Michigan Today, March 1994.MacKinnon, Catharine A. and Reva B. Siegel. Directions in Sexual Harassment Law. p. 174. Yale University Press. 2004Seltzer, Leon F., Ph.D. The Testosterone Curse (Part 2). 6 May 2009.Sex and Power: Powerful Men Have an Overactive Libido. Spiegel Online. 27 May 2011.

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MSc Managing & Accounting for Financial Resources - Healthy Hearts Essay

MSc Managing & Accounting for Financial Resources - Healthy Hearts Cardiff case description - Essay Example The operating profit or the gross profit provides indication about the actual profit acquired by the business operation. (Berman, Knight, Case, 2006, p.66). The operating profits or the business profits have to be generated from the current assets or the operating assets. The main weakness that the new center has shown that it has somehow failed to utilize its currents assets to gain more operating profit.( â€Å"Year Book Australia, 2001 ) That is the reason why the operating profit as a percentage of sales is also very less. Also the operating profit of the Cardiff unit may be lesser as a percentage due to the fact that this unit has just started its business operation and is not in a position to utilize its asset base to the optimal level. The next key parameter considered is the operating profit by sales ratio. The difference comes to be 2.42. Here the result of the Cardiff unit is slightly less than the entire most profitable club. That means the center is not able to generate adequate amount of business profit or operating profit. It may be due to several reasons but the main factor that can be identified is that this center in particular operates with higher expenses than that of the average centers. Efficiency Ratio: After this ratio, the following few parameters are almost similar when compared to the overall most profitable club performance of Healthy Hearts. The difference between the sales to operating asset ratio is just 0.46, which indicates relatively better sales turnover ratio for the Cardiff unit. But next ratio shows some negativity as well. The expense to sales ratio is more in the case of Cardiff unit by 2.42. This means the unit makes more expenditure to generate the desired amount of sales figure. This is not always an encouraging sign for any business. Huge gap is also being noticed when sales as a percentage of the current assets are compared. The difference comes to around 8.70.